After writing my last post, I had a good cry with my husband where I shared all of my fears and worries about law school fitting into our life. He’s been on this LSAT saga with me since 2010 and I know bringing up law school can sometimes be triggering for him.

To my surprise, his expression was gentle as he watched me frantically explain my worries. After I’d rambled on for a few minutes, he took my hands and told me to do it. To let go of my worries and to just jump in. No more excuses, no more fear.

Psht. Easier said than done, but something shifted in that conversation. That itty bitty bit of hope I found in my last (ah-ha moment) post grew. It reminds of the Hunger Games when President Snow is talking about Katniss being the Mockingjay.

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In this case, I hope this spark burns big and bright. I pray the hope that I’ve found becomes the weapon that overcomes my fears. Jesus, take the wheel.

One thought on “Hopeful

  1. I’m a single mom, starting law school this fall at 44yo. A little hope is all it takes. Can’t save hope like a savings account, but there will always be just enough to help you get to the next step.

    Take your LSATs! Get them over with. Take them again if you have to! I took mine twice (the second attempt, I scored lower than the first time). LSATs are like being in labor. Baby has to come out one way or another. Nobody gives you a medal when you leave the hospital for accomplishing a birth a specific way. Same with LSATs. Nobody gives you a medal for having a clean test. You get a score and move on.

    You got this!


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