Life Update

Ever feel like you’ve got things figured out perfectly, and then BAM! Life happens?

Me too.

Thomas Rhett sings a song called “Life Changes”, where he says:

“You never know what’s gonna happen
You make your plans and you hear God laughing
Life changes, and I wouldn’t change it for the world, the world, oh no”

If this isn’t my life story…

Here’s the latest update:

At the beginning of the year I was on fire studying, had hired a tutor, and was sticking to my study schedule. Things felt right, and I was hopeful that I’d finally get my re-match with the LSAT (I took it in 2014 and it didn’t go very well). Slowly but surely, the stress of life (I’m a stay at home to 4 kids ages 7 and under) began to take it’s toll, and I started juggling my study schedule with less and less grace.

Mother’s Day rolled around, and my sweet husband gifted me a flight student kit and a 10 hour block of time at the local flight school. I love aviation and have always wanted to learn how to fly, so I decided to turn my attention to flight school for the time being. Learning to fly was something I could do on my time and schedule, and I knew that it would be a hobby, and I’d eventually find the time to go to law school.

And then a big fat curve ball arrived.

In June, I found out that I was unexpectedly expecting baby #5. Not only did this take my husband and I by complete surprise, but it also abruptly stopped my flight lessons as it was no longer recommended by my doctor. (Yes, we know how babies are made. No, that apparently did not matter.)

After a few months of sulking and just processing everything, I put my big girl panties on and breathed in the blessing. Another baby wasn’t in my plan, but if God wants to bless my family with another tiny life, then we will gladly accept. I am due in March 2020 and if anyone is going to try to go to law school with 5 kids, it’s sure as heck going to be me.

So that’s where I am. Still in LSAT Land, but I know that I’ll get there sooner than later. I have been called to two things — being a mother and being a lawyer — and I will fulfill the latter when the time is right.

2 thoughts on “Life Update

  1. I’m a 35yr old mom of 5, ages 16,11,10,9,&7… I’m in my first year to get my paralegal, but plan to work towards Law School. Surely I’ll get there by 50, right? I just found your blog today and this Life Update was exactly what I needed to see. I can’t wait to go back and read your previous posts, and see future ones.


  2. Hi there! I was reading your blog. I am a lawyer and counsel pre-law students whether law school is right for them. I can tell you with 2 kids myself, being a lawyer is not as fun as when you don’t have kids. There’s few jobs that can truly accommodate a mom’s needs (much less your 1L year). My free advice is this: 1. make sure you go part time, not full time (I hope that was your plan) so you don’t kill yourself first year. You can always change to full time 2nd year if you want. 2. There are nonlawyers who do what lawyers do every day. In work comp, in some states, nonlawyers carry their own caseload and even handle trials. And some of them are way smarter and better advocates than some lawyers. Also, some attorneys (especially moms) take a break and simple attend depositions so they have less stress for awhile. Technically it’s lawyer work. But in some fields, in some states, nonattorneys can do this. I’m sure there are other examples as well. You may want to try these areas out first so you can basically fulfill your dream and perhaps realize either 1. you don’t like your dream so much or, 2. you don’t need that schooling or 3. it will at least give you partial goal achievement until you can get there. I hope this is helpful to you. You are welcome to contact me if you’d like ( or join my FB group (pre-law advisory group). Whatever I can do to help. Being a mom is a lot of work, add in homeschooling a desire to go to school, it’s a lot! Good luck!!!


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