It’s Not You, It’s the LSAT


I have been in an on-again/off-again relationship with the LSAT since 2010. I start studying then quit, deciding it’s just to dang hard. I took it once 5 years ago and did poorly, have spent $1,000s of dollars on study courses, and have determined that I just can’t conquer this mountain.

But here’s the thing, this “mountain” is only there because I put it there. In reality, with some hard work, consistent studying, and faith, I could without a doubt kick this test in the face.

Besides my sometimes lack of belief in myself, this test is the only thing standing in my way of fulfilling this dream.

My husband is supportive and kind and encouraging, but whenever the idea of law school/the LSAT resurfaces he gets completely turned off. I originally though it was because the whole idea of law school was so daunting, and then he shocked me with this:

💥”It’s not you, it’s the LSAT. Law school is exciting, but you have GOT to take this darn test and be. done. with. it. Enough talk, go work!”💥

Well, okay then. That’s exactly what I’ll do. For real this time.✨

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