How Old is Too Old to Go to Law School?


*Original posted on Instagram on March 21, 2018.*

Three days after my last post (where I shared that I was getting things in order to begin LSAT studying again) I found out that my family is growing, and that I’m due in October with baby no. 4. 😱❤️🎉

While I’m super excited for this new life growing inside of me, it does throw a curveball into my law school plans, and has me questioning this desire.💥

So my question to you guys is this – how old is TOO old to go to law school?💥 Yes, I know you’re never too old to dream a new dream and all that jazz, but realistically speaking, at what point does age hinder you in the field of law?

IF I started school next August, I’d be 33. Going part-time, I’d be 37 when I graduate. Will this impact my chances at gaining employment as an associate (or in general)? I know 37 isn’t elderly by any means, but IS IT in the law world????

Any advice or information is greatly appreciated. 🙌🏼

**The following were comments I received:

  • mgiwaamuI am 53 I’ve raised my twins sent them to college. I am creating a job for myself because I stayed home with them. I will attend a school that may not be the best because I don’t want student loans. But when I die I will be an attorney! Go for it. You planned on living 3 more years, follow your dreams!
  • veronicamonique76I’m all about writing your own story and making your own path! Age is a number! For me, I see it as this…. It is my responsibility to carve the way for my children , my children’s children and so on. Just think, you could be starting older but think about the impact of your accomplishements when your children talk about what you have done. Who knows, you could be starting a legacy that your children or your grandchildren could continue! Follow your dreams and make the path for your children to follow.
  • veronicamonique76And 37 ain’t old… if someone denies you employment because your 37… it’s their loss, not yours. Being an attorney opens up so many doors and provides many opportunities….
  • okirksIf you want to do it, do it! I started when I was 31 & also have 4 littles. You can do it!
  • myjourneytolawschoolI’ll be starting at 41. When I reached out to several schools about my concern over my age I got a lot of positive feedback. My experience has made me a better candidate they said (10 years military and I will have 5 years as a volunteer teacher for the deaf in the Dominican Republic). The biggest thing I kept hearing was that age and experience in life can provide more depth and variety to the classes, it gives more perspective. Imagine how limited the view would be if it was only 22 year olds? They like older students. And call the schools you are looking at and ask about this, they can help alleviate your concern so you can keep going!
  • the_bookish_studentI have a friend from law school who’s 44 and he still has two years to complete so, basically, he’ll be 46 when he graduates. Plus, he’s got a full-time job and cannot drop it for financial reasons. For me, it’s not about how old you are : it’s just a matter of motivation and organization. Good luck and keep us posted 😉
  • legallytopazIf I start next year il be 33. A school told me that they like older students bc they’ve lived life and are more balanced and generally have a genuine reason for wanting to pursue law
  • mgiwaamuPursing this career can really help you down the line. You may become self employed so that you can manipulate your career so that you can be more of a part of your kids lives. Things such as after school activities will be easier for you to attend to if you hang your own shingle!! Great Luck!
  • tekey_wCongratulations!! I had a few classmates well over 40 & I didn’t go to law school right out of undergrad. There’s never a “perfect” time just go when you’re focused and ready!
  • lawyer_in_the_makingYou are never too old, if you want it, you’ll get there, no matter how long it takes or what happens along the way! You are clearly a hard worker and super dedicated, and no doubt your children will be immensely proud of you and your achievements!
  • puerto_rican_fitness_girlNo , I know a guy he retired from law enforcement at age 42, went to law school at 45 , graduated and is very successful in NYC . So no worries about age. Oh and and another guy was 60 taking the LSAT. When I took it for the first time I did see a lot of mature people there. So times are changing. We are becoming more progressive . There should never be any limitations on your goals. NEVER. If someone in your circle is telling you different , get rid of them.
  • puerto_rican_fitness_girlI have seen law associates 65 years old please fulfill ALL your dreams, live your dreams.
  • ksimmsy13Hi, I know you don’t know me. But I’m a law student and I’m 25. My class has a student that is in her late 40’s. Go for it girl. It’s true it’s never too late. It will be hard but it will be worth it.
  • nerdylatina313This entire post just gave me more motivation! I thought I was the only one thinking this but all these comments just gave me some hope!
  • s1nglemamaSo glad I came across your page!! I’m 35 and starting law school in August!!! Go for it!!!