(Please read the title in Ross Gellar’s voice. 🤪) 2020. What a whirlwind this year has been. March seemed to have lasted decades, and the rest has flown by. Back in April, I decided to take the October LSAT. I was only 2 months postpartum with baby number 5, but the LSAT and law school […]

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Here We Go Again

It’s been seven months since my last post, and since then I’ve welcomed my fifth child and relocated twice for my husband’s job. We have adjusted to our new normal as a family of seven, and while this fifth baby may have been the surprise of my life, he is pure joy and I am […]

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Life Update

Ever feel like you’ve got things figured out perfectly, and then BAM! Life happens? Me too. Thomas Rhett sings a song called “Life Changes”, where he says: “You never know what’s gonna happen You make your plans and you hear God laughing Life changes, and I wouldn’t change it for the world, the world, oh […]

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Motherhood to Lawyerhood

I have been in an on again/off again relationship with the LSAT since 2010. Each time I begin studying, I wonder if this will be the time that I see my dreams come to fruition. I wonder if I’ll actually take the test, reach my goal score, and move on to applications. I often daydream […]

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Trust the Timing of Your Life

Everything was going well. I was on track with my study schedule and feeling confident. But as the weeks passed and I spent every free moment with my head down devouring LSAT prep, I became painfully aware that I was neglecting my children. As a stay at home, homeschooling mother that is currently pregnant with […]

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It’s Not You, It’s the LSAT

I have been in an on-again/off-again relationship with the LSAT since 2010. I start studying then quit, deciding it’s just to dang hard. I took it once 5 years ago and did poorly, have spent $1,000s of dollars on study courses, and have determined that I just can’t conquer this mountain. But here’s the thing, this […]

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Hello, and welcome!

The LSAT and I have been in a relationship since 2010. That was the year I discovered my passion for the law and changed my undergraduate major from English to Criminal Justice. I wanted to become a voice for the voiceless, and quickly realized that I would need more than just a B.S. to get it.

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